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Fred Siciliano MFA, performs the Classical Music of India on the Sarode,
a dynamic, steel-stringed fretless banjo. He also plays the Esraj, a bowed-sitar, used in folk music in the mountains of the north.
He began learning in Bangalore, South India, in 1971, under a sitar teacher and disciple of Ravi Shankar, Shri Rama Rao, while living as a foreign student.

Later, Fred trained in North Indian vocal and instrumental music, as well as, theory and composition, both at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California, in the 1970’s under Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and staff, and at the California Institute of the Arts, under Amiya Das Gupta, where he received an MFA in World Music in 1975.

He continued studying under the late Amiya Das Gupta, who was a gifted teacher, composer and accomplished sitar disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar, for 20 more years, while pursuing a professional career in Acupuncture. Fred also received training in Sarode technique from Ustad Aashish Khan in the late 1970’s, and from Pandit Rajiv Taranath from 1995 thru to 2005.

Fred has composed old and new Raga compositions in the classical style of North Indian Hindustani music. He also composes and plays music that explores the therapeutic effects of sound on the body, to induce relaxation and inner healing.

Fred Siciliano is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and practices as
a Licensed Acupuncturist, in Ventura, California. He treats with acupressure, herbal medicine and nutrition. He uses sound and music with his treatments.

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